Madalina Ghenea Topless Hot Tub Dip

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bill-swift - June 23, 2015

Pictures of Madalina Ghenea will either titillate you or just remind you again how some men are unnaturally blessed, or cursed, without respect to equity. I'm referring to Leonardo DiCaprio who counts Madalina as one of his 'girlfriends' over the past few years as he makes his way on an Emmanuelle in Paris type run through sexual discovery with the help of the world's hottest lingerie models. Life could be worse.

For our part, we get to eye spy with our little ogling eye's the bare fun parts of Madalina who sheds her clothes in the long away film 'Youth'. Perhaps not long awaited for total cinematic viewing pleasure, but for the sight of Madalina's epic funbags and bottom side bare in support of the story line. We get a hint of what it's like to be Leo. Now, please don't electrocute your anatomical jimmies on the monitor. You're not that Leo. Oh, Madalina, bathe with me and our passion will be so fierce they'll rename the loofah scrubber the Bill and Maddy Fun Time Oh Baby. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "Youth" Indigo Film

When we first met Madalina....