Madalina Ghenea Butt Nekkid Boobtastic Perfection In “Youth”

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bill-swift - September 9, 2015

It's time to revisit an old Leonard DiCaprio girlfriend from his current run as the luckiest bastard on the planet. And by old, I mean the 20-something Romanian goddess model and occasional thespianic Madalina Ghenea who made one stunning entry into the world of cinema with this completely naked hot tub scene in the film Youth.

Yes, you can choose your own parts to be jealous of in particular, but Madalina is one entire wicked hot package. Oh, those funbags are simply some of the finest examples of Eastern European pillow fun time in the universe. And it only gets better from there. The odds of her stepping one day naked into my above ground 70's jacuzzi, probably pretty low. But I'll staying in there until she does. I'll boil like a lobster for you, Madalina, and that ridiculously hot body of yours.

Photo Credit: "Youth" Indigo Films