Madison Beer May Have The Tightest Front Wedgie I’ve Ever Seen

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aldo-vallon - August 9, 2018

It is not like Madison Beer has ever been shy in regards to showing some skin, but I think this is the first time that she has attempted to show the skin that is still under the clothing. It is like she saw a child playing with one of those pin impression toys, where pushing your face against it creates an even creepier version of your already creepy face, and she was hit with some inspiration. She probably thought that if you could do it with needles then you could also do it with spandex. All she needed was to find a pair of shorts that were tight enough, and thankfully she did.

It shows good judgement on her part to not try and get the same exact look by using actual needles. I doubt she has hepatitis yet, but that would be an easy way to ensure that she’d get it. As a rule of thumb, I advise against putting needles anywhere near your pelvis. The risk to reward ratio is simply not great enough for my liking. Spandex on the other hand can grace my genitals anytime it wants.


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Photo Credit: Splash News