Madonna’s Model Daughter And A Ton of Bare Nips Sharing The Catwalk In NYC

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aldo-vallon - September 13, 2018

If I did not know any better I would have thought Madonna’s daughter was just rescued from a deserted island where she was left to fend for herself for nearly a decade. Had that been the case I might be able to get behind the clothing that she is wearing. Obviously a woman living in those circumstances cannot be faulted for creating her own clothing out of whatever scraps wash up on the beach.

That would also make a good case for being pro-pollution. Being stranded on an island with limited resources means having trash from the outside world wash up could be a lifesaver. A ripped up denim shirt does not look like such an odd choice under those circumstances. And who could fault her for not wearing a shirt if there was never an option for one?

I think it shows great resiliency and drive to be able to thrive in that sort of environment. Of course, Madonna’s daughter was never in that environment, so I cannot use those words to describe her yet. But believe you me, I have them locked and loaded if they ever become relevant.


Photo Credit: Splash News / MEGA