Maitland Ward Fully Nude Exhibitionist On Instagram

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aldo-vallon - January 7, 2018

   Maitland Ward really has an eye for fashion. The way those shoes compliment her lips is almost divine, and I'm not talking about the ones on her face.

Little known fact: lipstick was actually worn by the ancient Egyptians and they chose the color red to mimic the color of vulva. The next time some old geezer tries telling you that society is going down the crapper just give them that little bit of history knowledge in order to remind them that people have always been pervs. 

The moderators of Instagram must love checking on Maitland's account for any rule violations. Getting to browse the likes of her melons must be a nice change up to their usual day of following up on lame reports of abuse. It'll be a bitter sweet day if they ever do find something. One one hand they can be proud that their job actually has a purpose, but on the other hand there will be no more boobs. All I can say is Instagram has probably stocked that staff with women, knowing that men could not be trusted with that sort of responsibility.    




Photo Credit: Snapchat / Instagram