Maitland Ward Topless Behind The Scenes

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michael-garcia - October 6, 2016

Maitland Ward took a bunch of sexy pictures that we told you about on the main Egotastic site. Well, she was kind enough to fill us in on all the NSFW behind the scenes pics using Snapchat. We appreciate Maitland doing hand bras and covered topless, showing underboob, and the rest. But there is nothing like seeing the whole enchilada, as it were. Especially when that enchilada is as double stuffed as Maitland's ta-tas. Her sweater hams are something else, probably in the top ten best pairs of jugs we discuss here on Ego. Who would have thought when she was on Boy Meets World a million years ago that she would grow up to be such an incredible hottie with such a penchant for taking off her clothes? 

Thank God for Snapchat and social media. Yes, it brings to world closer, yadah, yadah, but really it's all about the fact that celeb hotties can post naked pictures of themselves. 


Photo Credit: Snapchat