Maitland Ward Topless Hot Tub Snapchat

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bill-swift - April 18, 2016

Talk about kicking it up a notch. When Maitland Ward gets into exhibitionist mode these days on the far less censored Snapchat, that often means her bikini or top might be coming off for a brief, but noteworthy peekaboo time. For those of us who happen to be big time ginger bosomy crushed on Maitland Ward and her heft heaving sweet melons, this is more than just a mere bit of mild happy news. This is big.

Snapchat provides celebrities looking to titillate the leering class with far more opportunity to be naughty than the Zuckerberg owned and controlled social outlets which operate under family friendly standards while stealing all your friends and family information to sell to marketing agencies. Such is life. Where would we be without the purity of prurient peeks at the funbags of especially sweet women such as Maitland Ward. Nowhere I'd like to be. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Snapchat