Maja Krag Topless Round Up

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michael-garcia - October 5, 2016

Danish wonderhottie Maja Krag takes off her top and then some for your viewing pleasure. There is nothing in this world like a Scandinavian girl with big thingies. I honestly don't know why the Vikings ever left their homes with those funbags waiting for them at home. Screw plunder, true wealth comes in the form of ta-tas. Maja is very well-endowed indeed. They say that more than a handful is just gravy. Well, then she is an entire gravy train worth of knockers. She's two handfuls and I don't even think that will be enough. You need to call a friend to come help you. Preferably a female friend. That would lead to some interesting scenarios. The kind you write into Penthouse forum with. I mean, if this were 1985.

Maja is the kind of girl most of us will only ever dream of attaining. She's like a lofty and inspired goal that we keep striving for but never get. Life is unfair. 


Photo Credit: Rayan Ayash/Patrick Xiong