Manon Le Botlan Topless in the Boys Room

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brian-mcgee - July 27, 2017

I don't know if this is a mens room or a ladies room or maybe even one of those unisex European deals, but I do know that Manon Le Botlan looks spectacular topless whether she belongs in that restroom or not. I guess it would be more taboo were she in a mens room, which is why I choose to believe that's where she's hanging out. 

I must tip my cap to photographer "Robert" Guillaume Gaubert for coming up with the idea for this photoshoot. Bathrooms are often the least glamorous places on earth, so putting someone like Manon Le Botlan topless in one adds an air of mystique to that unsexiest of rooms. What I wouldn't give to be walking into a mens room somewhere to take a leak and stumble across Manon Le Botlan nude, examining herself. What a pit stop that would be.

No matter the kind of bathroom she's in, there's no denying that Manon really sexes up this particular bathroom. Granted, sexing up a bathroom may not be the kind of thing you'd seek to include on your cv, but all the same, it's a skill not everyone possesses. She should at least consider putting it under special skills. Enjoy! 

Images via Self Control Magazine/Guillaume Gaubert