Mariane Tarrafel Strips Out Of Her Lingerie

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bill-swift - November 20, 2015

Mariane Tarrafel seems like a nice woman. I'd let her care for my puppy and I don't have a dog.  The Brazilian brunette bombshell makes her way into and out of lingerie in a series of poses of her curvaceous body that can only be described as breathtaking. She truly has robbed me of all oxygen in my body. I'm feeling faint. Catch me, Marianne, catch me, tie me up, and have you way with me with all the disturbed and prurient means you've ever been too embarrassed to tell anyone you imagined. I mean, let's at least start with that.

Brazilian girls have a serious reputation on the world stage for model hotness. But not all are slender tall fashion models dispersed to all corners of the globe like boobtastic ambassadors. Many of Brazil's finest female forms stay in Brazil, unleashing their sextastic magic on the native population and those fortunate enough to scan their periodicals and photo books. Marianne, if your bare booty goes any higher in the air I'm probably not long for this world. But I go out a truly happy soul. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bella De Semana