Marisa Papen Gets Naked In Black And White

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michael-garcia - August 29, 2016

The lovely Marisa Papen got completely naked by a pool in this sexy black and white photo spread. When I say she's naked I mean you can see pretty much everything. First, there are her perky jugs. They are slightly upturned and a bit pointy when she's sitting up which gives them a fun, whimsical air. I wouldn't mind using those as a floatation device in that pool. Then there is her wicked nice booty, as a person from Boston might say. It is firm and fully packed with just the right amount of curve for her slender frame. If there is one thing I don't like it's when a girl is hot everywhere else but has nothing going on in the back. It's such a letdown. Luckily, Marisa is A-OK in that department. Then we have the top of her Garden of Earthly Delights which we can see in all of its well-groomed glory. I would say she has the perfect amount of foliage on her lady mound. Not the 70's bush or the modern Brazilian wax. It's just right.

Marisa should make it her life's goal to wear as little clothes as possible at all times. Wear just enough to not get arrested because hiding that body is a sin. 


Photo Credit: Pointseven Mach