Marisa Papen Swimming Topless

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bill-swift - November 3, 2016

On more tha one occasion, Euro hottie model Marisa Papen has declared her love for being naked. One approximately 17,456 occasions, I've noted my love for seeing Marisa Papen naked. This is called symbioses and it's simply beautiful.

In her latest and most sextastic guise, Marisa is swimming naked. Why skinny dipping? Why not is the better question. Some guys love to leave their fancy sports cars idle under elaborate covers in the garage. I call those guys idiots. As would I lament Marisa Papen suddenly deciding that her top of the line heavenly female form wasn't for show either. It's nice to have nice things. Even nice to have ridiculously hot women bodies. But you do owe it to the world to share at least in the visuals. Bless you, Marisa, for your views on public benevolence of the boobtastic and that bottom I want to gently slap until you coo. Too much? That's a question for you. I couldn't possible have any answer myself but, "Never!" Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Stephan Rappo