Marisa Papen Topless Tanned Hotness in Ibiza

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bill-swift - December 9, 2016

Any time the deliciously buxom and tanned Belgian hottie Marisa Papen gets naked anywhere in the world, I have an alarm that goes off in my car to alert me. That also might be my unbuckled seatbelt, but I'm pretty sure it's Marisa's bare udders on display somewhere near a warm weather location like a beach, a desert, or inside my Dockers after twenty minutes perusing Marisa's ridiculously sextastic female form. Damn times seven. For openers.

In this Jörg Billwitz photoshoot, Marisa seems to be in just panties in this little stone house, presumably by the shore, most definitely close to that special place my libido takes me in the evenings, mornings, and seven days a week, the afternoons. I've been in lust with Marisa since first I feasted peeps upon her alluring topless female form. She does seem to hate clothing. I know I do. Especially on her. What a complete waste. Marisa, you are amazingly fine. Promise me you'll never put a top on again. Funeral exceptions, naturally. Decorum. Enjoy.