Marlijn Hoek’s Topless Hook Brings You Back

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brian-mcgee - May 24, 2017

I've never been to the desert—Vegas is as close as I've gotten to one—but I think the promise of seeing a topless Marlijn Hoek might get me to venture out into the Sahara. The movies have given me a pretty bad opinion of the desert, as it's usually the place where people end up when they've lost all hope and/or the plot requires them to kill some time by wandering around in a barren wasteland.

I certainly hope this isn't a low point for Marlijn Hoek, however, because the world is her oyster. She's young and beautiful, a deadly combination, and she looks amazing amongst the sun and sand of the desert. My greatest hope is that, if this is indeed some sort of setback for her character in the movie of her life, she gets through this phase with little or no clothing. 

I'm not about to wander out into the desert in hopes of finding Marlijn Hoek topless, but I've been sitting here contemplating doing just that. Were I in the desert and seeing this vision, I would likely figure it was a hallucination, but the good news is that this is no hallucination. Look closer and you'll see what I mean! Enjoy!

Images via Thiemo Sander