Marloes Horst Topless in Jeans

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bill-swift - July 8, 2016

Now that Dutch super sextastic blonde model Marloes Horst has dumped her stupid Magic Mike boyfriend, I can even more gladly say that I am in the running to be the next lucky bastard to know the intimate pleasures of this ridiculously hot and successful woman. By in the running, I mean I've sent numerous letters begging for a kiss and some naughty play time in the cabana of her choosing. I mean, provided I can get there on Southwest because an unspent free drink coupon is a terrible thing to waste.

Marloes was baring her topless goodness once more in this decidedly hot James Macari and David Bellemere shoot in which she reminds us that beauty is truly a blessing of nature, though choosing to shares your blessings are what truly makes you saint like. Oh, damn, that body on her. It reminds me of that time I had a dream about a sextastic Dutch model once or seventeen thousand times. We could be so happy together, Marloes. Well, I could be happy and you could bide your time with a fake smile. Seems fair. Engage! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: James Macari/David Bellemere