Maya Bondarenko’s Got Accessories!

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Tex Hollywood - August 10, 2020

Maya Bondarenko seems to be a model from the Ukraine who is signed to Elite New York, which is a legitimate agency, not that it really matters who the models are these days, or who represents them, there are just countless amazing women out there doing the model thing, whether for their own weekend projects or as a career and we're the lucky recipients of non stop awesome content. Yay.

I do think there's something notable about a model who is more than just an Instagram profile, who has been selected by a team of experts and who has had her career either shaped or designed by professionals, even if it doesn't matter. I mean the Kardashians for the most part are repped by themselves, except maybe Kendall who I believe is also with Elite, and they are billionaires. So I guess I'm just old school and like the process or system rather than Do-It-Yourself flukes!

I am not too sure what this shot is for or when this shoot is from, but I liked the model's elaborate metal wire accessories, they were cool, futurist, maybe even post apocalyptic if you're nerdy enough.

Her instagram is HERE , check her out!


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