Maya Stepper Gets Topless

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michael-garcia - September 2, 2016

Maya Stepper takes off her top in this sultry photo shoot. She's in some random room, like photographic studio. No beach or forest to distract from the subject at hand, which is her bitchin' ta-tas, as an eighties frat boy might have said. She starts out wearing a black leather jacket, like a sexy Fonzie. Then she loses the jacket to unleash the treats hidden underneath. Maya has a wicked nice pair of chichis. They aren't too big or too small but oh so satisfying. Maya looks like the kind of model that really knows how to party. Like, you go to the bar with her at 8pm and by 3am you are on a plane to Prague with your pants off. I can't prove it, of course, but that's just the sense I get. I'm willing to find out though.

Maya is hot no matter what she wears. An evening gown or nothing. It's all good. 


Photo Credit: Robby Mueller