Megan Hauserman Wants to Be Really Reality Famous

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bill-swift - September 25, 2008

If you're a fan of Reality TV shows, you may remember Megan Hauserman as the winner of Beauty and the Geek, season 3. Or you may remember Megan from season 2 of Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. No? How about I Love Money? Or maybe you remember Megan Hauserman from Playboy? Oh, did I not mention that Megan Hauserman has been nude in Playboy, too? Well she has, because obviously, this girl wants one thing, and one thing only: To be famous (and maybe naked).

Now, I'm not sure how the Reality show career path is working out for her, but Megan will be back in another Reality show this fall: Rock of Love Girls: Charm School 2, where she will compete for $100,000 against other Rock of Love floozies. Hmmm.... Maybe she should just stick to getting naked in Playboy...

And speaking of getting naked in Playboy, here are some of those pictures. And you can find lots more Megan Hauserman nude pictures at Playboy.