Megan Irwin Nip Slip In Lingerie (So Effin’ Hot!)

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bill-swift - March 23, 2016

When we were busy falling in lust with Aussie hottie Megan Irwin over on the mothership we almost, but not quite, overlooked this epic shot of Megan getting just a bit too frisky with her bra during her lingerie promo shoot for Gooseberry Intimates. If this over the top sextastic shot of Megan baring her nipples doesn't get your own gooseberries rocking and rolling, you need to see your doctor and ask him to give you a shot of horny. Oh, my, this is the kinds of things I've seen in my daytime and nighttime fantasies since middle school. Only now, it's crystal clear. And so damn hot. Well done, Megan. Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: Gooseberry Intimates