Melissa Debling Topless In Lace

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bill-swift - May 25, 2017


If I had a boat to float, Melissa Debling and her knockers of racktastic would buoy that vessel straight out of the water. She's my cup of tea and my Tootsie Roll Pop. I often wonder how many licks until I get to the candy center. I'm just about done.

The bosom blessed blonde British babe took to the lacy black for this striptease reveal of her magnificent mammaries. She doesn't need to do much more than peel off her top to make the whole world smile, but as a bonus, Melissa smiles first. In a world of turmoil, chaos, and anti-social behavior, Melissa and her body faptastic represent a purity and goodness we could all use a bit more of, or a lot more of depending upon your current frustration situation. Bless you, Melissa. You are my rock. The soft squishy squeezable kind. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Melissa Debling