Melissa Debling Topless Skater Girl

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bill-swift - November 17, 2016

What are my two great loves in life. Hot women with perfect funbags and skateboarding. And I could do without the second for the rest of my life for any improvement in the first. Melissa Debling pretending to be a skater being the classic example. She doesn't use that board for anything other than rubbing over her pefectly lust inducing udders. And that's more than okay.

Melissa Debling is one of my go-to comfort girls. In time of despair or depression or merely every other Tuesday and third Friday, i spend some quality time focusing my retinal cones upon Melissa's massive cones and suddenly the world seems to make sense. Or at least what needs to be done in the next five minutes, which is often more than enough. Win-win and peace on earth and all that. As always, bless you, Melissa. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Melissa Debling