Micaela Schaefer Topless In Gold Paint For Kiss Cup 2016

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michael-garcia - June 6, 2016

German sexy person Micaela Schaefer does what she does by wearing gold paint and a thong bottom and nothing else at the Kiss Cup 2016. This is some European soccer thing in Berlin sponsored by a radio network or some such thing. The only soccer balls I am interested in are the ones attached to Micaela's body. Sure, they are impossibly round and perky for their size, but that doesn't matter. Sometimes you want the reassuring spherical nature of an enhanced boob. Micaela's are particularly magnificent and lucky for us all she likes to show them off. Like, a lot. I can't say as i remember seeing her with a shirt on and not having at least some parts of her boobage hanging out. It's kind of her thing.

Branding is so important these days and you really have to stick with what people know you for to get noticed. Micaela gets noticed, how could she not?

Photo Credit: Splash