Micaela Schafer Naked In Nature

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michael-garcia - August 24, 2016

Teutonic beauty and all around lover of being naked, Micaela Schafer, is doing what she does at the beach. She is not just topless but also totally naked and oiled up. Micaela's jugs are out of control. It's clear that she's had some surgery done on them, unless she was born with heart-shaped nipples. But who cares? Not me. I love funbags in all their shapes and sizes, whether natural or not. What I'm pretty sure is natural is her perfectly packed booty. Micaela's butt makes me want to buy her a steak dinner and some cheesecake. I want to take that butt out on a date is what I'm saying. These pics just go to show that a hottie in nature naked and covered in oil is eternally hot. 

I wonder if all German women are as hot as Micaela. I know not all can be, of course, but maybe a high percentage? All the German girls I've met are hot as F. I should really go to Munich. 


Photo Credit: Mallorca