Micaela Schafer Sextastic Topless In Black And White

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bill-swift - March 11, 2016

Micaela Schaefer may be the hardest working glamour model in German show business. She just seems to be naked or topless having her photos taking thrice a week. On the days when she's not in studio showing off her Teutonic tall curvaceous frame, she's usually outside in Berlin somewhere doing the same for some kind of shameless promotion or publicity. For the record, I love all things shameless.

Micaela's shoot for Anja Koppitsch shows off the full extent of her fast becoming legendary torso in artistic black and white. Artistic being the most solid cover story for a full-time professional gentleman ogler. We do need our excuses from time to time whilst leering up and down the long female form of the topless Micaela Schaefer. It's important in life to know the difference between a want and a need and then intermix them completely indiscriminately. It really is the best way to have fun. Especially if Micaela happens to be six feet of naked to your immediate left. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Anja Koppitsch