Milla Jovovich Topless For POP Magazine

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michael-garcia - October 20, 2016

Eternal beauty Milla Jovovich took off her top in this arty spread for POP Magazine. I remember when I was a teenager feeling a stirring in my loins when I saw her topless briefly in The Fifth Element. She spent most of that movie wearing an outfit that was mostly just strips of cloth. That's when I pledged my undying love for her. Now, all these years later, she's still looking fine as hell. She has a delightful pair of perkies that harken back to the days of the slender models of the 90's. She's been able to maintain that figure into her forties and how many ladies can say that? Not many. 

So, I look at these pics and I dream of a life that could have been if I had been a little bit older and a lot richer. I could have married Mila and be snuggling up to those creamy ta-tas right now. 


Photo Credit: POP Magazine