Moa Aberg in See-Through Lingerie

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aldo-vallon - October 25, 2017

 I am seeing stars on Moa Aberg's bra and that could only mean one of three things. Either I have just been punched in the face, her boobs are literally making me starstruck, or there are actually stars printed on them. I did rank that list in order of what I think would be most likely to be the case. My best guess is that I mouthed off to someone who popped me in the kisser, in a completely nonsexual way, and that is causing me to hallucinate. For all I know I am imagining this whole thing. I could wake up tomorrow to proofread this post and only find an open bottle of painkillers in its place. What a waste of a dream that would be, only imagining writing a post about Moa when I could have been imaging so much more. I would hate to have to add another thing to my list of missed opportunities, so I will pray that is not the case. Instead I will choose option two and hope my apartment is simply being filled with carbon monoxide, which is causing the aforementioned stars.    

Photo Credit: Jared Thomas Kocka

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