Nasty Gal Model Beate Muska Topless Bathroom Shoot in Pink and Hot

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bill-swift - March 1, 2017

Latvian hottie and rising fashion model sensation Beate Muska, whose name I'd never say aloud because I know I'd mispronounce it, has done us the honor of appearing quite topless and booty side bottomless in this stunning bathroom series of shots from Asher Moss for P magazine.

As you know, there are sextastic models and celebrities in every corner and hollow of this blessed planet Earth. That's why our search and rescue of prurient passion inducing hotties will never end. I mean, so long as it can be conducted from my La-Z-Boy recliner with cup holder. Actual travel seems like a hassle. I always sit next to the guy who felt like deodorant was a bother. But for Beate Muska in her little pink lingerie and less, I might just make the real journey. Across town. That's my max. But oh so hot. Maybe one town over. Beate, we really must meet up. Stay in the bathroom. I'm coming. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Asher Moss