Natasha Belle Bares Her Beautiful Body for the Love of Hotness

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bill-swift - February 8, 2014

Okay, I'm almost done giving in to the prurient interest of our readers destined to share their faptastic favorite young ladies with the rest of the gentleman ogling world. Seriously, by 2019 or so, I'm no longer reading your crayon dotted-I letters with impassioned pleas to see and share and otherwise co-delight in the ridiculously hot bodied goodness of lovely models such as Natasha Belle.

Granted, Natasha Belle may be the girl of my approximately 10,000 nightly dreams involving ingenues with amazing hooters wearing nothing but a single flamingo feather and begging me to check them for eggs, but this business of prostration and sobbing by the likes of EgoReader 'Ben', well, it's simply got to stop. In five years time. For now, revel in the really fine female form of Natasha Belle. I mean, why not? Enjoy.

(For all your Belle boobtastic needs, check out the official Natasha Belle website.)