Nathalie Kelley Topless Amid Sea of Nekkid Hairy Hippies

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bill-swift - April 8, 2011

If you know Nathalie Kelley, most likely it's from The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, the F&F sequel that I never quite got since most every time I've ever drifted in my sweet-ass Corolla, it was never intentional and my car insurance rates doubled shortly thereafter. Sexy Nathalie Kelley also appeared more recently in Take Me Home Tonight, the recent Topher Grace comedy you didn't see because nobody saw it since it was doomed the minute they retitled it after an Eddie Money song from the 80's.

But, more to the point, one of our long time Egotastic! readers 'Jason W.' is having a birthday and he loves unshaven hot women and he insisted on pimping Nathalie Kelley, the Peruvian born sexy bomb, who apparently posted photos of her own sweet topless self from Burning Man last summer, which, if you don't know, consists of one hot girl like Nathalie and a billion hairy nekkid dudes heading out to the Nevada desert to adamantly not look at each other's shlongs for hours on end. Yes, the allure of Nathalie Kelley topless is strong, but I'd rather search for her hot relatives down in Peru than find myself out in the desert with some bad acid and an unclad hippy named Jonas trying to guide me through some radical self-expression. Still. Nathalie Kelley. Hot. Topless. Candid. Happy Birthday, Jason, Enjoy.