New Topless Photo Book By Brooke Olimpieri ‘Lost Vegas’

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bill-swift - November 4, 2016

There are many nicknames for Las Vegas. My new favorite is Lost Vegas because it evokes a certain sense of the underside of the glitzy city not often seen. Also now because it's the name of an incredible new photo book of topless young women in "Lost Vegas" by photographer Brooke Olimpierie and edited by Jonathan Leder, of naked photography of beautiful alt-women renowned. 

Everybody ought to be reading more these days. And if you're going to read, why not picture books. And if pictures books, why not those filled with the topless goodness of so many young bare funbagged lovely ladies out in the Nevada desert? I believe all of these questions are rhetorical. But you take a look through some of these amazingly alluring and au natural photos of bare ladies and see if some of them don't just answer themselves. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Brooke Olimpieri 'Lost Vegas'