Olga Topless Towel Time

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aldo-vallon - October 12, 2017

 Are back dimples a genetically inherited trait, or are they something that there is an exercise for? I have heard of clinching up the butt cheeks to help shape them up, but I am not sure there is anything to clinch in the lower back. Either way, Olga's dimples are so deep I could use each of them as a bowl to eat cereal out of. I am starting to doubt dimples that extreme could even be natural. I bet there is some doctor in Hollywood who specializes in back dimple surgeries. If they can do it to chins, then why not a back? It is even a larger area to work with, it would have to be easier. He could just go in there with a stapler and stick it to the patient's hips. I cannot see the procedure taking longer fifteen minutes tops. I have had more complex procedures performed on me in an abandoned warehouse by a man who could not even speak English. I figure this must be a walk in the park compared to that, so why aren't back dimples the norm on women? 

Photo Credit: Michael Løgthol