Page 3 Topless Hotties! Mellisa, Courtnie, India, Nicole And Sam

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bill-swift - May 2, 2015

Oh, yes, the return of my many lovely virtual girlfriends from across the pond. The beautiful British birds that soar to such esteemed heights, all the better to catch a glimpse of their might magnificent funbags in full glory mode. The Page 3 Girls of Old Country lore here to bring on new urges, tingles, and all-over smiles. They are my Avengers.

This week's grab bag of Page 3 funbags includes Mellisa Clarke, Courtnie Quinlan, India Reynolds, Nicole Neal, and Sam Cooke. It's hard to know if you're party is the party of the year, but if this sweet pot of sextastic girls is hanging by the pool, just give yourself a medal. This is world class goodie baring at it's finest. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3