Paige VanZant’s Premium Content Preview!

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Tex Hollywood - February 5, 2021

Paige Vanzant, the UFC Fighter, who you probably say went more viral than she has ever gone yesterday because she announced THAT SHE WAS LAUNCHING A FAN SITE .

I think this move to selling premium content is awesome, empowering and hot! These women want to share these intimate moments with their fans who support them. It's fun, it's sexy, it's provocative and even thrilling all while being very lucrative for these people.

When you see a star athlete like Paige Vanzant, you assume that all these brands are throwing millions at her, as they should, she's a beast at what she does, but the women's brands don't support women, they support women who have a women audience, leaving women with a male audience left to fend for themselves and living, training, traveling, competing, is expensive!

So if you're interested in supporting someone you like, respect, appreciate, are scared of because she can kick your ass....all the info can be found at EGOTASTIC SPORTS .

I think supporting someone as a fan, so that they don't need to run annoying ads at us all day, is awesome, and so are these preview pics, where you will see there is definitely some great potential here. I think she'll bring her fighting spirit in winning instinct and crush this new aspect of her career,

It's already off to a great start, I mean, self produced content like this, amazing.


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