Playboy Muse of the Month: Skye Blue

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aldo-vallon - February 7, 2019

Of all the colors to be named after, Skye Blue is a pretty good one. I have never heard anyone say they think the sky is ugly, unless they are from Britain. And blue is probably the most common favorite color for people. So when you put those two words together you end up with an even better thing, like chocolate and milk.

Compared to the other colors that her parents could have picked out of the Crayola box, she practically hit the lottery. My younger cousin goes to school with a kid named Skidmark Brown. I tell ya, the folks over at Crayola are really getting forced to be creative.

I like seeing that Skye is not letting her name box her into wearing a certain color of clothing, though. By wearing different colors she is going to remain unpredictable, which her fans are sure to love. Men enjoy that in a woman. For example, I never knew if my girlfriend was going to come home as the mean drunk, or not come home at all. That kind of thing keeps the sex life fresh. Her sex life, I mean. Mine stayed nonexistent.





Photo Credit: Mr. SkinĀ