Playmate Angel Boris Strips Naked And Stokes On A Fat Cigar

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aldo-vallon - May 17, 2018

The bob cut is such an unusual haircut, and it causes my Chevy Chase to do funny things. It is not a haircut that just anyone can pull off, much like the pixie cut, but when they can, wew baby, does it get my motor going. It has me feel things that are reminiscent of what Berliners felt when they tore down that wall.

Throw a cigar in the mouth that resides below that haircut and it will cause the woman to reach levels of alpha that not even professional female wrestlers have. And those women are jacked up on HGH, so it isn’t a exactly a fair competition to begin with.

What I see in the bob cut is a woman who knows her eyes are pretty enough to carry the rest of her body over the finish line. She has confidence. She knows that she does not have to spend the countless hours and endure the excruciating pain that is involved with tweezing eyebrows. She does not need to appeal to the people who have fetishes for ears. She knows she has a schnoz so sharp that it could scratch a diamond.


Photo Credit: Playboy Plus