Playmate Jessica Burciaga Perfect Body In A Flurry of Wintertime Nudes

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aldo-vallon - January 18, 2019

Jessica Burciaga most have boiling water running through her veins, because there is a snowstorm going on there and she doesn’t even care. In fact, she is going so far as to take off her clothes!

Wait, I think that is a sign of hypothermia. You get so cold that your body tricks you into thinking your heating up and you end up stripping down to your skin. That is why there are dozens of nude bodies on Mount Everest. I actually heard that a German artist wants to recover those bodies and set them up as a modern art piece. Obviously, he isn’t a real artist, just more of an “artist”, like a guy that draws caricatures on a boardwalk.

I think that exhibit could have some potential, but I don’t think most of the people who are climbing Everest are as attractive as Jessica. And I bet they would primarily be dudes, as well. Women have better things to do than spend money to climb snowy mountains. I think it is best that we let the nude exhibits be left to the Playboy Mansion. They know their way around body posing.