READER FIND: Karley Sciortino’s Fantastic Topless Scenes In ‘Easy’

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aldo-vallon - March 12, 2018

How does a woman like Karley Sciortino still not have a page on Wikipedia dedicated to her? I believe this highlights how even in our present progressive society, we are still neglecting one of our most downtrodden groups of people: the sluts. I feel no guilt in labeling Karley as such because she has proclaimed herself as such. Being a realist, I will call a spade a spade when it is honest enough to call itself a spade.

If someone is bold enough to title her book Slutever then I am big enough to honor her wishes. I will admit that I am impressed with the name. It really captures the imagination. If I tried making up a word for the title of my own autobiography I doubt it would be as provocative as that.

I would probably have to settle with a title like Bland to the Bone or Beer and Bloating in Las Vegas, neither of which seem to be very enticing to a reader. Even I would choose the one about a woman sleeping her way to the type, although I doubt that is a very surprising revelation. That is like hearing a man would rather watch Blazing Saddles than Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin