READER FIND: Natalie Krill’s Insanely Hot Lesbian Scenes In “Below Her Mouth”

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aldo-vallon - April 16, 2018

I do not know what a Natalie Krill is, but her willingness to accept the pink cements her firmly in my mind as a woman of great substance. I have never heard of the movie Below Her Mouth, but given the subject matter it would seem like I have really been missing out.

This is why promotion is so important to the success of a film. The film made barely more than I make in a year, which is admittedly low. I have a hard time believing many people were actually able to make a profit out of this production. But if they had employed a company that could produce a trailer for them capable of actually garnering an audience then I would expect them to have accumulated at least twice the profit that they currently have, and I would not have had to wait until a fan tip to discover this diamond in the rough.

I do not understand how movies about two gay lovers accumulate box office draws and major awards while lesbo movies go largely unacknowledged. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would say there is an active effort to suppress LGBT movies that do not alienate half of the box office audience. But since I am an average schmo I will accept that perhaps some movies are made with the sole intention of exploiting the males willingness to be seen as tolerant.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin