READER FINDS: Lucy Liu Topless, Beth Behrs Wicked Hot, Ashlynn Yennie Bound and Much Much More…

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bill-swift - July 29, 2016

It was sad but not unexpected to read about both political party conventions stacking their audience with paid fake fans and applauders. That's what you do when most people out there just don't give a hoot about your content. Also why I went into the business of sextastic celebrities. We don't buy, rent, or fake fans. We don't have to. For some reason men and Sapphic leaning women just seem to love the site of ridiculously hot bodies mostly or entirely naked. Go figure why that sells better than Trump or Clinton.

(**Breaking News** you must read the hilarious new Lex Jurgen satire, Man Rules, on Amazon. Millennial man-kind stands in the balance!)

This week's Reader Finds includes Lucy Liu quite topless and delicious (blessings from EgoReader 'Bill P.'), Ashlynn Yennie bound and topless (thank you kindly to 'Eliza E.'), Beth Behrs sextastic and enticing (kudos to 'Darren" for his B.B. contribution), Linda Hamilton topless throwback classic (she will be back, thanks 'Eddie W.'), Camille Rowe ever crazy sextastic (French bliss via 'Samantha'), and much much, so very much much more. You owe it to the backyard BBQ bikini pool party Gods of Midsummer to check out each and every one of these ridiculously hot models and thespianics. Enjoy.