Rooney Mara and Jessica Parker Kennedy Topless Lesbionics Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 18, 2016

I get a little happy chill every Friday when it's time for the Mr Skin Minute. I can tell you from personal conversations that nobody knows more about topless goodness on the silver screen than Mr. Skin. That includes myself, who I would have to put in the silver medal position. Even though I'm allergic to silver I discovered after a horrible period in my life when I thought man jewelry was a good look. But back to the skin, the heavenly skin, and a primer for what's best to leer at this weekend according to the zen flesh master, Mr. Skin.

You really must get yourself into a Mr. Skin membership for hot celebrities 24x7

This week's MSM includes Shailene Woodley not nude in the new Divergent Allegiant movie but quite topless in White Bird in a Blizzard, Jessica Parker Kennedy topless lesbionics in Black Sails on Starz, and Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett topless getting it on Sapphic style in Carol, not out on Blu-Ray. This is a high time for celebrity toplessness. Join in the fun. It's free and magical and will leave you just a couple ounces lighter. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin Minute