Rosie Jones Topless Page 3 Round Up!

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michael-garcia - July 21, 2016

Sexy redhead Rosie Jones bared her luscious ta-tas in this Page 3 round-up. Rosie is a favorite here at Egotastic HQ because her lady melons are some of the best in the topless world. They are big but not so big that you have to worry about throwing your wrist out or getting a hand cramp if you were to handle them. Her chichis are just the right size to rest your head on or to do some vigorous motorboating. I like Rosie because she's got some really nice curves. I have never been one into stick figure women. My grandfather told me never to trust a woman without some meat on her bones. They are shady and always in a bad mood because they are hungry. Like in most things, he was right. 

It's always a joy, nay, a privilege to report on Rosie's funbags. In a world gone mad there are certain things that we need. Love, compassion, and Rosie's ta-tas.  


Photo Credit: Page 3