Sammy Braddy Black And White Topless Bosoms

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bill-swift - March 22, 2016

Sammy Braddy and I go way back. All the way to the time I first feasted peeps upon her blessed rack and she decided to pretend like I didn't even exist. We've both kept up our stances for several years now, me ogling her finely fluffed up sweet melons and her acting like she wasn't feeling the same about me, only too scared to show it. I get that. Committing to me is a big deal. You kind of lose your family and friends and even potentially all ties to your childhood church. I'm a handful.

Sammy Braddy is two handfuls. In this black and white blessedly hot look at the British bit of lovely, Sammy shows us once again how the beautiful woman is all the photographer needs to make visual wonderments for the leering set. One alluring woman, two perfectly plump funbags, and some memory left on the card. Sammy, one day we shall be together in motorboating goodness. On that day the angels shall sing and the saints shall weep. Actually, that may just be me singing and weeping. What a dream. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sammy Braddy