Sammy Braddy Topless Bedroom Taking Off the Clothes to Spectacular Mams

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bill-swift - March 13, 2017

Sammy Braddy makes me feel warm all over. Like a bath of sextastic. If only those were sold in proper stores. The big and busty Britty model has a knack for peeling off her clothes with that perfect smile that lets you know it's okay to think what you're thinking. And yes, she knows exactly what you're thinking.

In her latest and greatest display of funbags, Sammy starts off in a dress that unless you are new to this planet we call Earth, you know very well isn't staying on for long. Then down to the lacy and silky skivvies and hose, and the ultimate treat of her blessed teats. It's impressive in every way. As a man stares at the ancient wonders of the world in awe, so too will his jaw drop upon seeing Sammy's much less ancient mammarial wonders. I often muse how simple it is to make millions of people happy. Sounds like Herculean task. Nope. Merely Sammy Braddy smiling and stripping. Benevolence. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Sammy Braddy