Sara Sampaio Topless Yacht Tanning In France

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michael-garcia - August 25, 2016

Sweet Jesus, thank you. Sara Sampaio gets topless on a yacht in France and someone is there to capture it on camera. The unbelievably gorgeous Brazilian professional hot person was getting a suntan on a yacht and no one wants tan lines, do they? She slipped the top off and unleashes the nips. What an incredible pair of hooters she's got, y'all. A perfect pair of nipples on top of a terrific mound of lady flesh. Sara is one of the hottest around, period. It's because she comes from Brazil. Did you see those girls in the Olympics in Rio? It's like an entire country of hotness. Sara Sampaio's ta-tas should be put on their currency. That would inflate the Brazilian real a hundred fold.

You've got to love France and their lax attitude towards public nudity. Viva le France, viva le funbag!


Photo Credit: Splash