Sarah Paulson Topless Scene In “The Runner”

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bill-swift - August 8, 2015

Gothic TV horror lovely lady and Forties and Faptastic hottie Sarah Paulson was kind enough to perform in the feature movie The Runner which gives us some sweet peeks at her sweet peaks, just in time for the summer viewing season.

Though the movie might just be out today, you'd be depriving yourself of the greatest enticement to partake in this cinematic venture by way of Sarah's two alluring funbags. Movies aren't just about the topless making of the sexy scenes, but those are the best parts. Let's be adults about this. So, pull up a vinyl strapped chair right next to mine here by the trailer and catch a sweet ogle of the very leer-worthy Ms. Paulson sans top. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "The Runner" Paper Street Films