Sexpot Gaite Jansen Flashed Some Construction Workers

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earl-jonas - August 6, 2019


Gaite Jansen isn't necessarily a household name at this point, but the indie darling has delivered a ton of nude scenes over her relatively short career. You saw her naked in Tricked. And Peaky Blinders. And Hoe Duur Was de Suiker. Whatever the Hoe Duur that is. And now you can see her latest topless scene on the Skinemax series Jett. This series has already delivered a ton of amazing nudity (you remember seeing Carla Gugino's butt right?) so this is just icing on Carla's cake. Gaite lifts her shirt to reveal her perky natural rack to some very lucky construction workers. Fans of the band Wings will be singing: Jett! Booooooob. Jett! Booooooob. Have a great afternoon.

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