Carla Gugino Just Showed Her 47-Year-Old Butt On Jett, And, Gawddamn

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earl-jonas - July 16, 2019


Carla Gugino has gone nude sooooo many times and always looks soooo good doing it, but it's been a minute (well, not really, she just went buns-out in 2018's Elizabeth Harvest, but hey, we're impatient) since we got a good look at her truly epic bod. It's been over two decades since she first went nude on screen (in 1996's Jaded) and Carla still looks as sexy as ever.



Her latest nude appearance happened this weekend on the Starz series Jett. We get the privilege of seeing Carla standing completely nude - sans some hot red high heels. Her forty-seven-year-old buns are indistinguishable from her twenty-something-year-old buns, and for that, we have to give Carla props. In celebration of this moan-mentous occasion, you can check out some of Carla Gugino's career nudity highlights in the gallery.


Photos courtesy of Mr. Skin