SI Swimsuit Model Ebonee Davis Naked in the Sand

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bill-swift - May 30, 2016

Oh, I'm in lust ten times over after seeing swimsuit model Ebonee Davis without her swimsuit on. Really the preferred kind of beachwear if you happen to have a wicked hot body like Ebonee does. She came on the scene about four years ago and has been modeling up a storm. The obviously rare black model in an industry that favors lighter shades of fashion and makeup pimping, Ebonee has beat the odds by sheer force of her sextastic and drive. That's kind of hot.

Leave it to our friends at Lui magazine to get Ebonee to take off all of her clothes and bare her faptastic booty in the sand. She's splendid in female form from frontside to backside and everywhere in between. Even the sand is feeling kind of hot and bothered as we speak. Ebonee, please let this be a start of something more intimate and revealing from you. We need this. I think you do too, though our needs obviously come first. Think of your fans. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine