Simone Peres Nude in the Wild

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aldo-vallon - September 9, 2017

 I need to start being more active. All these women doing nude photo shoots out in the wilderness and I spend most of my time indoors. To think, if I had a hobby that took me outside every once in awhile I might be able to stumble upon some of them. I highly doubt they are on a closed set in the middle of the woods so I think that helps my chances. If I could muster the drive to go mountain biking I could be one of the schmucks that gets to hold her dress while they snap a pic.

I think my chances of running into them in the woods is actually more likely than my chances of ever getting into the woods. What is so great about the woods besides the possibility of a naked woman? They have mosquitos and possibly dead bodies. No good can come from that place, just ask Hansel and Gretel. Or Red Riding Hood. Or those kids from The Evil Dead. Oh wait, they cannot be asked anything because they are dead and they only had the small chance of seeing some milk jugs.  


Photo Credit: Xyne Brix Punzalan