Singer Jess Glynne Gets On The Catwalk For A Topless Lap Dance

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brian-mcgee - January 10, 2019

Redheaded British singer Jess Glynne had herself a hell of a time in the old town the other night, when she was invited on stage for a lapdance by a busty woman wearing red pasties! Jess appeared to be wearing a strapless bra as part of her ensemble last night, and though it sadly seemed to stay on throughout the entire event, the stripper's mesh top definitely comes off!

It looks in a few of these pics—especially 2 and 8—like Jess herself is trying to prevent one of her nips from coming in to view, though I don't know why she'd be so precious about it. Just let it happen, Jess, don't try and get all shy on us now. Your stripper buddy is flaunting her fun bags, why not give us all a little thrill with a peek at your peaks!

So take no shame in going to a strip club. You never know what hot celebs are going to show up and get dragged on stage for a lapdance. And if you're lucky, they might be wearing an outfit tailor made for a wardrobe malfunction. Word to the wise: keep your eyes peeled at the strip club, you never know what you might get a load of!

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA